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When It Rains

It's raining or the forecast predicts clouds? Don't cancel your accommodation because there's still plenty to see and do in the wine region, even in bad weather! There are many museums and visitor centres to escape from the rain, but there are also plenty of hiking trails to enjoy in rainy weather as well!


If the water is too cold or the wind is blowing hard, a great gastronomy trip is sure to warm you up! You won't be disappointed with our restaurant and catering offer!


A great wine tasting or a delicious dinner can be fun even in bad weather! In Badacsony you will find many wineries to visit or restaurants to enjoy!

József Egry Museum

József Egry was dubbed as 'The Painter of Lake Balaton' since he painted the many faces of Lake Balaton - let it be a storm, or a beautiful sunset, or the moon shining over the waves of the lake Egry definitely has a painting about that. The building of the museum once served as his workshop introduces the life of Egry, while it also gives home to many interesting artifacts. The museum is open from May to late September.

Castle of Szigliget

The Castle of Lake Balaton is also a great destination in rainy weather, as there are many covered places inside the castle where you can find shelter in the rain! The exhibitions in the castle are all located under the roof, and there is also a collection of medieval weapons in the courtyard under the castle (next to the Café)!

Folly Arboretum

The arboretum is open all year round, and even if the weather is bad, the arboretum holds many experiences! You'll hardly feel the rain among the trees, and you won't have to worry about mud, as you can walk along paths lined with wood shavings, so you won't slip! And the arboretum's restaurant offers hot drinks and special dishes to keep you warm!


The markets will not close due to the rain! The friendly, smiley vendors will offer you handmade goodies and homemade treats!

  • Liliomkert Market - Káptalantóti (every Sunday)
  • Lábdi Piac Hegymagason - Hegymagas (every Saturday)
  • Fonyód (every Saturday)
  • Keszthely (every Wednesday and Saturday)
  • Hévíz (summer: every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; winter: every Tuesday and Saturday)

Further indoor sights in the region:

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8261 Badacsony, Park u. 14. • +36 87 531 013 • badacsonytomaj@tourinform.hu