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Programs with children

The wine region also offers plenty of exciting sights and adventures for families! Whether you come with big or small children, there are plenty of attractions to discover together!

Ship Cruises on Lake Balaton

Who doesn't like ship cruises? From Badacsony you can sail to several villages during the cruise season, or even take a one-hour cruise! In 2024, you can also try the new catamaran called Tomaj, which will definitely make your trip memorable!

Dotto Train

The Dotto train, which runs from late spring to early autumn, is every child's favourite attraction! During the 45-minute ride you can learn a lot of interesting facts about Badacsony and the surrounding area, it's guaranteed fun for both young and old!


What better place to be in summer than on the beaches! There are 3 beaches in Badacsony and many great beaches in the area! All beaches are well-equipped and family-friendly. Solar sails, sandy bays, playgrounds and many toys will await the youngsters!

Quest With Us!

Fun for the whole family! Investigate together, and solve the mystery of a forgotten letter from Badacsony using your smart device! While solving the mystery, you can also discover the main attractions of Badacsony!

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Folly Arboretum and Winery

The Folly Arboretum in Badacsonyörs is much more than a botanical garden filled with pine and cypress trees! In the Garden of Eden of Lake Balaton, there are a number of activities (joint activities, outdoor recreation room, night garden walk with light painting), where the experience is combined with an unparalleled view of Lake Balaton and a unique collection of plants. The arboretum also boasts a fantastic playground, guaranteed to be popular with the little ones!

Hill Taxis

The hill taxis are not only a means of transport, but also a real experience as they cruise through the streets of Badacsony! The mountain taxis will take you to higher points of the hill with ease, so all you have to do is to enjoy yourselves!

Castle of Szigliget

The Castle of Szigliget is a great destination for families! The castle features an interactive exhibition showcasing the rich history of the castle with exciting dioramas and of course a magnificent view! Come at any time of the year, the castle will always show you something new!

Hegyestű geological Visitor Site

Hegyestű is located between Monoszló and Zánka, about 20 kms from Badacsony. It owes its present form to former mining activities. From the top of the mountain you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Káli Basin and the mountains of the Tapolca Basin. You can also learn all about the former volcanic activity and the history of Hegyestű thanks to a special geological exhibition.

Further Sights to Visit in the Region:

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