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Sights of Szigliget

Sights of Szigliget

Szigliget is attractive not just because of its natural conditions but thank to its built environment and historic buildings. There are almost one hundred listed buildings in the settlement. Walking along the streets of Szigliget is a time travel.

The castle of Szigliget is the castle of Lake Balaton

The castle of Szigliget celebrated its 750-year old anniversary in 2010. King Béla IV presented an island of Lake Balaton (Szigliget) to the Pannonhalma Abbey to build a stone castle there. It exchanged the castle for other estates and it was a royal castle after that. Szigliget had several owners and commanders. The most famous commanders were Bálint Török and Bálint Palotai Magyar. This castle was an important part of the Hungarian border castle system. We are proud of the fact that the Turkish troops could never occupy it.

Today the castle is in the hands of the local administration. It became the only castle to visit around Lake Balaton thank to the continuous reconstructions.

They wait the guests with archery, animal caress, exhibitions and other services all year long.

Art Gallery Szigliget                                     

It can be found in a thatched building which was once a primary school besides the Roman Catholic Church. The exhibitions (castle exhibition, weapons of different ages) can be visited from March to October. Three craftsmen's workshop's trade exhibitions can also be seen.

Churches, Chapels

All Saints' Parich Church Holy Trinity Chapel Avasi Church (Csonka tower)

 Kamon- kő (stone) Study Trail - Szigliget

The trail starts at the church in Szigliget and gets back to the same place following a T sign. It was named after a volcanic rock. Visitors can know here the natural and environmental values of the most beautiful settlement around Lake Balaton.  It guides tourists along the lovely streets of the village, they can learn the history of folk architecture and the traditional wine and reed farming; they can visit the church from the age of the Arpads and when getting into the wood they can read about the formation of Lake Balaton, the flora and fauna of the area and its geological past. The trail is 6 km long. Tourists can orientate with the help of Hungarian and English bilingual signs.

Former Esterházy Palace - Park of the Creative House of Literature

The castle built in neoclassical style functions today as a creative house of literature. There are giant trees, older than a hundred years in the 12 Hungarian acre garden of the palace. Among the 520 trees there are 120 types of pine trees. This park is a nature protection area.

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