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A taste of the interesting things of Badacsony mountain! Read it to get in the mood for a tour of Badacsony Mountain! The photos in the Gallery will help you get out and about!

1.Geological and Botanical Trail – Badacsony

The trail with bilingual boards shows the flora, fauna, geological and land role of the volcanic hill. It goes round at the lower part of the basalt walls and colums. While wandering, hikers can study the forms of basalt. The revealing geological sights show some moments of the geological history. The trail is nearly 4 km long, and it gets back to itself. The hiking trail is approached on the southern side of the Badacsony Hill from the direction of the Kisfaludy House.

The destinations of the trail: Rózsakő (Rose stone)- Kisfaludy lookout tower – Kőkapu (Stonegate) – Kőkereszt ( Stone cross) – Klaston kút (Clastrom well) – Bujdosók lépcsője ( Hiding’s stairs) – Badacsonytördemic lookout tower

2.Szegedy Róza House Literary Memorial Museum

The impressive house was Róza Szegedy’s dowry in her marriage with Sándor Kisfaludy in 1795. It became a so loved residence of the couple, that they lived a lively social life and Róza Szegedy’s vermouth got a national fame. The house hosts several exhibitions and presents the work of Sándor Kisfaludy.

Info: Szegedy Róza-house 8261 Badacsony, Kisfaludy Sándor street 17. Tel.: +36-70/382-9210 web: http://www.szegedyrozahaz.hu

3.Rózsakő (Rose stone)

This huge table-like basalt stone can be found above Kisfaludy House and it is called Rózsakő. It could have rolled down from the hillside in the long past. It was named after Róza Szegedy who used to sit on it with Sándor Kisfaludy according to the traditions. Maybe this is the reason for the legend connected to it."Once a girl and a young man sit on the stone, back to Lake Balaton, holding their hands, they will have one another in that year. But only that is enough if the girl sits on the stone back to Lake Balaton, thinks of her lover and sighs. The heart of the one she thinks of will beat for her."

4.Memorial for Pope John Paul II.

The consecrated Memorial for John Paul II can be found near Klastrom well on the Eastern side of Badacsony Hill. The painting at the memorial is the work of the Kossuth-prize winner painter, Erzsébet Udvardi.

5.Kisfaludy- lookout tower

It was built on Badacsony Hill at 438 metre high level. The sight of the Tapolca Basin surrounded with the hills, unfold in front of our eyes. The venue is free and open all year round. The entrance of the tower can be approached from the tourist paths, attracting the wanderer. The three main hiking trails are: the Stone Gate, the Bujdosók stairs and the path from Rózsakő through the Hertelendy stairs to the lookout tower. There are fire places, tables and benches at the lookout tower.

6.Exiles' stairs (Bujdosók lépcsője)

The stairs on the Western side of Badacsony Hill mean a real challenge for tourists but if they get to the Tördemic lookout they can enjoy the wonderful panorama. The stair consists of 464 steps. A special wine press collection and a memorial place of basalt mining can be found in the court of the Village Hall in Badacsonytördemic.

7.Ranolder -cross (Stone cross)

János Ranolder, the Bishop of Veszprém was a great globetrotter according to the tradition and he returning from a journey got this huge stone cross put up on the southern side of Badacsony Hill. 400 oxen pulled the biggest elements up to the 400-metre high, sharp edge. According to the locals the cross protects their vineyards. It is 9,7 metres high.

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